Why Is My Baby So Hot Without Fever? 6 Reasons

Medically Reviewed on 1/20/2022
Why Is My Baby So Hot Without Fever
If your baby is hot but has no fever, it is usually no cause for concern. Here are 6 potential reasons why your baby is flushed or sweaty

If your baby is hot but has no fever, it is usually no cause for concern. Here are 6 potential reasons why your baby is flushed or sweaty.

6 reasons why your baby may be hot without fever

  1. Too many layers: Putting too many layers of clothes on your body can make them warm, trapping their heat and causing a rise in body temperature. 
  2. Teething: If your baby has started teething, anxiety and fussiness can cause them to heat up and get sweaty, especially their head.
  3. Overexcitement: If your baby is overexcited and moving around a lot, this can increase blood circulation and cause your baby’s body to become hot.
  4. Hot weather: If your baby is exposed to sunlight for a long time or if the weather has gotten hot, it’s normal for your baby to become hot.
  5. Incessant crying: If your baby has been crying and screaming for prolonged periods of time, this can create heat in the body.
  6. Certain positions: Sleeping in certain positions can make your baby hot, especially if they are in a crib under blankets.

How to prevent your baby from becoming hot

  • Adjust your baby’s room temperature to between 68 F and 72 F irrespective of the season. Do not increase the room temperature beyond 72 F. Instead of using a room thermostat, use a baby monitor that measures room temperature.
  • Make sure your baby’s room is well-ventilated.
  • Do not dress your baby in too many layers. Add only one layer of blanket in winter. This is especially important when traveling in a heated car. Layers of light cotton clothing are fine. 
  • Remove extra blankets and comforters that have been placed inside the crib.
  • Avoid taking your baby out during the peak hours of intense sunlight, which is between 11 am and 5 pm.
  • Do not keep your baby near or below the window. 
  • Close any curtains to minimize heat in your home during a heat wave. Move your baby to a cooler spot in your home instead of turning on air-conditioning.
  • Do not leave your baby alone in a vehicle, as the heat can build up in the car and cause overheating.
  • Keep your baby away from heating vents, portable heaters, or fireplaces.
  • If your baby is crying or excited, try to calm them down with hugs, cuddles, and lullabies.
  • If your baby is teething, give them a teether or teething gel to ease their discomfort. 


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Medically Reviewed on 1/20/2022
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