Who Should Not Eat Guava?

Medically Reviewed on 10/6/2021
who should not eat guava
Guava is generally safe and nutritious for most people. However, the fruit contains compounds that may not be good for everyone

Guava is generally safe and nutritious for most people. However, the fruit contains compounds that may not be good for everyone. You should avoid guava if you are allergic, pregnant, breastfeeding or have the following health conditions:

  • Gastrointestinal issues: You should avoid guava if you develop any unpleasant symptoms such as nausea or abdominal discomfort upon eating it. 
  • Eczema: People with eczema should avoid guava leaf extract because it may worsen the symptoms. Certain chemical substances in guava leaf extract can cause skin irritation, particularly in people with skin conditions such as eczema. Guava leaf extract when applied topically may cause skin irritation in some people.
  • Diabetes: People on diabetes medications must use guava leaf extracts with caution. Guava and guava leaf extracts help lower blood sugar levels. Thus, monitor your blood sugar levels while consuming such supplements.
  • Before surgery: Avoid using guava as a medicine or supplement at least two weeks before surgery because guava can lower blood sugar levels and increase the risk of bleeding.

Before using guava as a supplement for health benefits, talk to your doctor.

What are the nutrients in guava?

Table: Nutritional content of 1 guava (55 grams)
Nutrient Amount
Energy 37.4 kcal
Water 44.4 grams
Carbohydrates (including fiber) 7.86 grams
Fats 0.522 grams
Protein 1.4 grams
Fiber 2.97 grams
Calcium 9.9 milligrams
Iron 0.143 milligrams
Magnesium 12.1 milligrams
Potassium 229 milligrams
Sodium 1.1 milligrams
Phosphorus 22 milligrams
Vitamin C 125 milligrams
Folate 27 milligrams
Vitamin A 17 mcg
Lycopene 2,860 mcg

In addition to the above, guava also contains other nutrients such as B vitamins, vitamins K and E, selenium, zinc, copper, and manganese.


According to the USDA, there is no difference between a “portion” and a “serving.” See Answer

What are the health benefits of guava?

Because guava is rich in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant substances such as vitamin C and lycopene, it has several health benefits. 

Guava is high in fiber and low in calories, making it an ideal snack. It aids in digestion and promotes the growth of healthy gut bacteria. It also helps regulate blood cholesterol and sugar levels. It is good for healthy immunity, hair, skin, teeth, bones and eyes. 

Vitamins and antioxidants in guava help promote brain and nerve health and may slow down the aging process. The various antioxidants in guava help maintain healthy cells and may protect against cancer.

Although there is a lack of sufficient scientific evidence for medicinal uses of guava, research suggests that it may help protect against several health conditions such as:

Guavas may be eaten whole or in the form of guava jams, juices, and other foods and beverages. Guava leaves are commercially available as herbal teas and extracts in the form of tablets, capsules, and powders. 

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Medically Reviewed on 10/6/2021