Which Cardio Burns the Most Fat?

Cardiovascular workouts or cardio increases your heart rate and kick starts your metabolism.
Cardiovascular workouts or cardio increases your heart rate and kick starts your metabolism.

Some of the cardio that helps to burn fat quickly include:

  • Burpees: Burpees are a combination of squats, jumps, and pushes. These exercises target fat from your overall body, making it the most effective workout. Burpees also target the muscle group of the chest, legs, and core. For considerable weight loss,
    • You need to do 10 repetitions in 30 seconds.
    • Then rest for 30 seconds.
    • Repeat for 5 minutes.
  • Rope jumping: This is another great workout for fat burning because it burns about 1,300 calories per hour. Jump roping also elevates your heart rate and improves your cognitive and coordination function.
    • Initially, warm up with 8-10 jumps.
    • Then jump continuously for 1.5 minutes.
    • Rest for 15-30 seconds and repeat.
    • Complete three sets.
    • You can shift between different jumping styles, such as jump one set on a single leg, one set with both legs, and one set while running in place.
  • Low-intensity cardio: If your obese or have physical limitations, you should opt for low-intensity cardio for weight loss. These workouts include jogging, bicycling, power walking, swimming, and aerobics. Always aim for 60 minutes of cardio workout 5 days a week. You can gradually increase the intensity of workouts by carrying weights while jogging, walking, or doing aerobics.
  • Squats: Starting in front of a jump box, keep your feet spaced apart by your shoulder-width. Now crouch slightly before jumping up onto the platform. Complete your squat and hop down backward for as many reps as you can handle to enjoy a fantastic cardio fat loss exercise.
  • Lunge jumps: It is a combination of jumps and standard jumps. This combination will elevate the heart rate. To perform a lunge jump,
    • You need to stand in a ready position with one leg forward and one leg back.
    • Hold your arms in a ready position with one arm in front of your body and the other arm back.
    • Tighten your core, pull your shoulders down, and swing your arm back. Quickly wave your arms upward and jump. Simultaneously switch your legs.
    • Land in a lunge and repeat.

What is cardio?

Cardiovascular workouts or cardio increases your heart rate and kick starts your metabolism. These are the most effective forms of exercise for sustained weight loss. Cardio focuses on exercises at a target heart rate (which depends on your age and weight). The more you exercise at the target heart rate, the more fat you’ll burn.

If you plan for weight loss, you’ll require 150-300 minutes of moderate physical activity 5 days a week. If you have a tight schedule, you can split your exercise sessions into three smaller workouts a day. For example, you can exercise 20 minutes in the morning, walk for 20 minutes during lunchtime, and exercise for 20 minutes after dinner.

What are the advantages of cardio?

Cardio has various advantages:

  • Improves blood circulation, thus reducing the risk of clots or blockages
  • Tones and strengthens the heart muscles
  • Reduces or prevents high blood pressure in some people
  • Improves the beneficial cholesterol level, thus reducing the risk of heart disease
  • Reduces the risk of diabetes
  • Likely to reduce the affinity for smoking
  • Less craving for junk food and tends to include a healthier diet
  • Helps lose weight more efficiently. Cardio aids in burning more calories, making it easier to maintain a healthy weight.
  • Cardio gives you a “high.” It manages stress that can take a toll on the whole body, but especially the heart.
  • Strengthens muscles and improves mobility. It also helps to perform daily activities with ease.
  • Reduces depression and provides the individual with a more positive outlook


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