What's the Point of Edging?

Edging (also known as surfing, peaking, and teasing) is the practice of delaying orgasm.
Edging (also known as surfing, peaking, and teasing) is the practice of delaying orgasm.

Edging (also known as surfing, peaking, and teasing) is the practice of delaying orgasm. It is a teasing technique essentially taking a person right to the “edge” of orgasm, then stopping, resting, and repeating the process again. Edging can be a personal practice and a therapeutic tool. Both men and women can practice edging. The ultimate goal of edging is complete satisfaction and pleasure. Below are a few common benefits of edging:

  • Edging can help to treat premature ejaculation and teach a person more control over their body.
  • Edging can be used to help with firmer and longer erections by promoting blood flow, thus helping with erectile dysfunction (inability to get or keep an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse. It's sometimes referred to as impotence).
  • It is also known for improving the libido or men with difficulties in sex. 
  • Edging leads to a more intense orgasm from the intense anticipation.
  • It helps improve concentration and focus during the moment, while also giving increased control over how you react. 
  • It can lead to better communication between partners about what each responds best to. Knowing what touches, positions, and techniques one prefers. 
  • Edging can bring some excitement to the bedroom. It can add to the foreplay, experience, and prolong the interaction. 
  • Edging gives a new focus to sex, keeping the experience going rather than a race to the finish. 
  • Edging can be a way to increase mutual time in the bed, performance, and overall enjoyment. It may be repeated multiple times to achieve climax with total satisfaction. It’s worth a shot to improve sexual life.
  • Some people use this technique to be able to time their orgasms with their partners. This can work for intercourse, mutual masturbation, or even remote sexual encounters.

What is edging?

Edging is a sexual practice that delays orgasm and prolongs the time until climax. The point is to get aroused till the edge of orgasm and bring things back to a slow boil, then turn up the heat again. This can be done multiple times until an individual hits a point where they cannot help but succumb to all the sensations. Edging is completely safe and natural. There is no need for any external device or supplement. The purpose is to extend sex and maintain a healthier erection. Edging does not cause a backup of semen into the body. All materials you have been holding in will be released in the climax. If you do not release it, it will be broken down inside the body and does not pose a risk. However, one should not overdo it. Below are types of edging:

  • The stop-start method: It involves stimulation of the genitals (or other erogenous zones), nearly to the point of orgasm, then stopping the stimulation until the feeling of approaching orgasm fades. Both men and women may practice it while masturbating and during partnered sex. For edging during partnered sex, determine a word, phrase, or sign with your partner to communicate when to ease off. 
  • The squeeze method: Men can also utilize the squeeze method to prevent themselves from finishing, wherein when nearing the point of no return (PNR), they grip the area of the penis where the head meets the shaft, squeezing for several seconds firmly, until the feeling of going over the edge subsides, without losing the full erection or arousal, then begin the process again. This can be repeated.
  • The ballooning method: Men may incorporate this method: find and massage a sweet spot on the penis that is particularly sensitive (often the frenulum) without stroking the whole penis. Rub only this area for long enough to get erect and then to feel close to orgasm. Then stop and pause, allow arousal to subside. After a break repeats the process one or two more times. This builds the ability to last longer and intensifies the sensation during orgasm.

How to edge yourself?

One good way to start practicing is by having a timed masturbation session. You can think of the art of edging as a five-step practice session:

  1. Initial stimulation: Pick a place with no distractions and set a timer (start with a little longer than you usually last and increase over time). Paying close attention to your sensations, begin stimulating your penis. As you become erect, keep the stimulation steady and pay attention to your breath.
  2. Building arousal: Continue to stroke your penis but avoid any areas that may be particularly sensitive.
  3. Stopping and dropping down: Depending on your threshold and your point of no return (PNR), now is the time to either climb a bit closer to orgasm or to take a break and slow down.
  4. Building backup: This time, climb a bit closer to your threshold for orgasm, paying attention to what happens in your penis. 
  5. Repeat steps 3-4: Building your arousal level and stopping as needed for the time you want. Every time you should try and get closer to a high level and dropdown.

Over time, following this edging guide, you can increase your control and ability to stay at the edge for longer.


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