What Weird Things Do Toddlers Do?

Medically Reviewed on 4/8/2022
What weird things do toddlers do
Learn fifteen weird toddler behaviors, such as taking their clothes off, banging their head against a wall, and putting things in their nose.

Tantrums, punching, biting, shouting, and other less-than-adorable toddler behaviors are normal. You may, however, discourage harmful behaviors and teach healthier ones.

Toddlers can drive you insane, but not all things they do are harmful to their health. Many things they do are essential to their mental and emotional growth.

It is your responsibility as the parent to check with them frequently and slowly encourage them to learn good deeds. Teach them basic hygiene, privacy, and about good and bad behaviors.

Learn fifteen weird behaviors toddlers may exhibit below.

15 weird toddler behaviors

Here are 15 weird toddler behaviors that can manifest in various settings:

  1. Taking clothes off:
    • Toddlers don't understand the distinction between private and public conduct. Thus, stripping naked is a joyful activity for them.
    • They may find enjoyment in the smallest of things, and this might be another entertaining activity to perform while bored.
  2. Banging the head against a crib or wall:
    • Toddlers use nonverbal communication to communicate their desires to their parents until they acquire their words.
    • If your child beats their head against the wall, they are requesting your attention.
    • Additionally, it may be because they have an ear infection or a headache.
    • This makes them fatigued and concerned, and they wish to be consoled by you through this activity.
  3. Holding breath to fulfill a wish:
    • Holding their breath is one of their strategies, and your child may be furious, agitated, or surprised if they are holding their breath.
    • Toddlers with a poorer emotional disposition may exhibit this tantrum more frequently than others.
  4. Playing with the box instead of the gift:
    • The gorgeous and sparkling package draws the attention of toddlers.
    • Hence, they are more interested in the wrapping rather than the actual present.
  5. Putting things in the nose and ear:
    • While playing with small toys or handling small stuff such as fruits with seeds, they tend to shove small objects in the nose, ears, and even mouth.
    • If left unnoticed, it may cause severe obstruction to breathing, or the toddler may choke which poses a potential threat to them.
  6. Drinking bathwater:
    • Toddlers tend to drink dirty, soapy bathwater. Although it doesn’t cause any serious harm, it is better to discourage the act.
    • Bathwater can upset the tummy, and your toddler can start throwing up.
  7. Screaming:
    • Toddlers start to scream suddenly, and sometimes, they even do it very loudly.
    • They may scream about small injuries or simply without any reason.
    • Scientists have been trying to know the reasons behind screaming but have not reached any conclusion.
  8. Spinning:
    • There is no visible reason why they spin, just as there is no reason for their screaming.
    • Spinning may cause them to harm themselves or your property.
  9. Competing with another child:
    • They may act a little nasty in the presence of other toddlers.
    • For example, they have a toy that they never cared about or never played with. However, when another toddler shows interest in it, they start showing interest in that toy and will do anything to get it back.
  10. Not acknowledging your presence:
    • Even if you are in a vicinity with a toddler, they may act as if you do not exist.
    • They pretend to play with an imaginary friend, and you cannot disturb them. 
  11. Playing with private parts:
    • You suddenly find your toddler putting their hands in their pants and playing with their private parts.
    • They giggle hysterically when you find out but still continue the act.
  12. Eating weird things:
    • Toddlers will eat everything they can get their hands on, including dirt, paper, clothing, insects, and even hair just for fun.
    • Although it is quite usual for children to put things in their mouths, you must always keep a close check on them.
    • They should be kept away from sharp and small objects that could injure or suffocate them.
  13. Becoming aggressive:
    • Because toddlers mimic people around them, especially their role models, if the adult acts aggressively in any instant, they copy the behavior.
    • Even a happy and playful toddler may become unfriendly all of a sudden and behave with aggression.
  14. Asking for a computer:
    • Some toddlers get addicted to screens and always sit by a computer or TV or even a smartphone.
    • They even deny food if they are not given any screen time.
  15. Isolating:
    • The toddler suddenly insolates themselves from others and moves to a corner of the room and plays on their own.
    • They may not like you interfering with them and get a bit aggressive when disturbed.


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Medically Reviewed on 4/8/2022
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