What Is the Psychology of a Man? Male Psychology

Medically Reviewed on 6/7/2022
What Is the Psychology of a Man
Understanding the psychology of men can be helpful in determining how both sexes can build healthy relationships

Men and women are similar in many aspects, but their psychology differs especially in their approach to problem-solving, memory recall, and emotional needs. Understanding the psychology of men can be helpful in determining how both sexes can build healthy relationships and cooperate with one another.

Understanding male psychology

  • Need for respect: According to studies on the psychology of men, men seek praise and respect from others to maintain their self-esteem. For example, men often want to be respected in aspects of daily life such as earning a good living and being a decent spouse or father. Both men and women seek affirmation and acceptance in their interactions with friends, family members, and partners, but may differ in the areas in which they seek praise.
  • Sense of pride: Male psychology is often rooted in a sense of pride. Many men believe that they must be competent and intelligent, and they feel proud when they realize that they have a significant amount of knowledge or expertise regarding an issue and know how to fix a problem. This type of pride is a symbol of their independence, as it demonstrates to others that they do not require assistance to care for themselves. 
  • Physical intimacy: According to psychologists, physical intimacy is even more important to men than women, who may value verbal communication or emotional intimacy. Physical affection gives them a sense of emotional completion, even if it comes in the simple form of an embrace. While many men may appear to not need or prioritize displays of affection, they often have an internal desire for love and support..
  • Problem-solving: According to psychology experts, women tend to analyze situations from multiple perspectives, whereas men dissect each aspect of the problem individually.
  • Memory recall: When women recollect memories, they do it from an emotional standpoint, whereas when men recall memories, they must recreate the actual events.
  • Self-actualization: For many men, their emotional health is determined by how they retain and fulfill personal interests that are unrelated to their relationships, professions, or jobs. This is referred to as self-actualization. When they achieve self-actualization, it means that they have developed a high level of skill in something that helps them develop a distinct identity.

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Medically Reviewed on 6/7/2022
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