What Is the Meaning of Vivid Dreams?

While sleeping, the brain remains active.
While sleeping, the brain remains active.

While sleeping, the brain remains active. As a result, people experience dreams. Most of the time, people do not remember their dreams. However, people tend to remember some dreams. The nature of dreams differs amongst individuals. Dreams can be enjoyable, pleasurable, soothing, depressing or even scary. Sometimes, a person does not remember anything about the dreams after they wake up. At other times, people may remember the dream clearly because of its severe intensity. Such dreams are referred to as vivid dreams. Vivid dreams are different from night terrors. The night terrors are commonly seen in children and often easily forgotten. Vivid dreams are nightmares or good dreams, which are seen in all ages and often people remember them.

Sometimes, a person may become aware in their dream. They can feel that this is not real, and they are dreaming. Such dreams are called lucid dreams.

What causes vivid dreams?

Vivid dreams can happen to anyone. However, scientists have found some factors that may be causing them. They are


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