What Is the Di Bella Cancer Cure?

Last Editorial Review: 1/11/2018

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What is the Di Bella cancer cure?

Doctor's response

The Di Bella cancer therapy is an alternative medicine cancer treatment program developed by Dr. Luigi Di Bella. His therapy is based on a drug cocktail containing a low dose of cyclophosphamide -- a chemotherapy drug -- plus other drugs and vitamins. It has been given to more than 10,000 patients, nearly 100% of whom were allegedly cured.

The Di Bella therapy came to national attention in Italy, and the Italian courts, when some of Di Bella's patients organized and demanded that Italian hospitals provide the therapy free of charge. So the Italian government funded a study of the Di Bella therapy at 26 cancer clinics throughout the country. The results were "incompatible with the ... claim that (the Di Bella therapy) might represent a cure for any type of cancer."

Another research team reviewed the medical records of patients who had the Di Bella therapy. All but four had also had standard treatments. Compared with patients who had only standard therapies, patients who had the Di Bella therapy showed shorter (not longer) survival.

Dr. Paul Calabresi of Brown University has commented about the Di Bella therapy as follows: "Alternative medicine is a poor alternative to conventional medicine. By replacing worthwhile mainstream therapies, (alternative medicine) robs many people with potentially curable cancer of precious time and a chance for survival."