The aging process changes your entire body, including your skin. It’s easy to focus on the effects of aging on your face, but your hands can age just as dramatically. Sun exposure, injuries, and frequent washing in hot water can all make your hands show the passage of time.

If you want to turn back the clock on your hands, though, there are plenty of options. You can use many popular anti-aging treatments for your hands. Talk to your doctor about what rejuvenation procedures will work for you and make your hands look younger. 

Chemical peels

If you have discoloration or uneven skin tone on your hands, you can get a chemical peel. Your doctor will apply a solution that will remove the topmost layers of skin on your hands. A mild peel won’t have significant side effects, though you might experience some redness after the peel. Your skin will flake off over the next few days, revealing brighter skin underneath.

The peel can help fade dark spots on your skin. It may also improve the skin’s texture and make it tighter and less wrinkled. You may need a series of such treatments to get the results you want, though.


Hands suffer fat loss as you age, and your skin also loses elasticity. The result is a crepe-like appearance where your skin looks loose and thin. Dermal fillers in your hands, however, can replace the fullness that you’ve lost over time. 

At this time, there is only one filler approved for use in hands. It’s called calcium hydroxylapatite, which is sold under the brand name Radiesse. Your doctor can inject it during an in-office appointment. The effects are immediate, with no recovery time. It should last between 6 and 23 months.

Laser treatments

Another highly effective treatment for aging skin is laser resurfacing. Dermatologists offer a variety of laser and intense light treatments to improve wrinkles and even out skin tone. Doctors can perform the treatments in their office, and they usually take an hour or less. There is minimal recovery time, with most people only experiencing mild redness after the treatment. You may need more than one session, though, to get the full effect of laser skin resurfacing.

Topical treatments

The same anti-aging ingredients that work for the skin on your face can work for your hands as well. In fact, you can use products marketed for your face directly on your hands. Look for creams that include active ingredients such as retinol or glycolic acid, which have proven anti-aging benefits. These ingredients help with skin firmness and make your skin look brighter.

If over-the-counter cream and lotions aren’t making enough of a difference, ask your doctor about prescription-strength products.

Vein reduction

Visible veins are another feature of aging hands. You may have veins that bulge from the back of your hands. You may also have spider veins that make your hands look red and mottled.

To minimize the appearance of veins, you will need to have a treatment to remove the veins in question. This shouldn’t disrupt your blood supply to your hands; the blood flow will naturally reroute to other veins. However, talk to your doctor if you have concerns about circulation to make sure this treatment is safe for you.

There are two procedures for reducing the number of veins. Your doctor can use a laser to destroy the vein and cause it to shrink to nothing gradually. They can also use sclerotherapy, where they destroy the vein by injecting a liquid into the vein to create scar tissue.

Preventing further skin damage to your hands


Sun damage is one of the biggest factors affecting how the skin of your hands looks. Hands that are often exposed to the sun during activities like biking, jogging, swimming, pushing a stroller, or gardening without gloves may experience sun damage that leads to premature aging and dark spots. 

Use sunscreen on the backs of your hands every day. Be sure to reapply sunscreen frequently, especially after washing hands. Additionally, wear gloves for activities like gardening or bicycling to protect your hands from sun exposure.


Keeping skin moisturized is also a great way to make it look better. Use rich creams frequently, especially after washing your hands. Moisturized skin looks plumper and firmer. You may also find that your skin is less prone to cracking and flaking if you keep it moisturized, especially during the winter months.

Nail Care

Take care of your nails as well as your skin. Your nail may get more dry and brittle over time, but moisturizers and cuticle treatments will make nails look healthier. You can consider professional manicures to give nails a more polished look.

If you are considering any type of hand rejuvenation, speak with your doctor. They can help you decide which procedures are right for you. 


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