What Do You Do With Ben Wa Balls?

Medically Reviewed on 10/13/2021
what do you do with Ben Wa balls
Ben Wa Balls are small, weighted balls that are inserted into the vagina and can be used to strengthen pelvic floor muscles

Ben Wa Balls are small, weighted balls that are inserted into the vagina. They can be used to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which help control bladder flow and may improve sexual pleasure. The theory is that the stronger the muscles, the more intense the orgasms. 

Gynecologists and obstetricians may occasionally recommend Ben Wa balls to improve vaginal elasticity and bladder control. Ben Wa balls are also called vaginal beads, duotone beads, and Kegel balls.

How do I use Ben Wa balls?

Before you begin to use Ben Wa balls, make sure that you have an ample supply of lubricant. If you use silicon balls, use a water-based lubricant. Apply lube to the vaginal opening and put yourself in a relaxed and comfortable position.

  • Insert the first ball slowly. Ben Wa balls are usually linked so that you can easily get them out.
  • Push all the balls in as far as they can go while leaving the string out.
  • Begin your Kegel exercises by tightening your muscles around the balls.
  • If you are new, start with a few minutes and gradually increase the duration each day. For example, you can begin with 5 minutes and work your way up to 10 minutes the next time.

What are the pros and cons of Ben Wa balls?

Ben Wa balls are available in a range of sizes and materials. Some are made of metal and are naturally weighted, whereas others are made of plastic and contain metal ball bearings. Some have a silicone or nylon cord attached to them for easy removal.


  • Exercising with Ben Wa balls can help you strengthen your pubococcygeus and Kegel muscles. This can help treat incontinence.
  • Strengthening the Kegel muscles may help improve orgasms.
  • Some women enjoy the pleasure provided by the movement of the Ben Wa balls as they carry them around during the day.


  • Some women find it uncomfortable to sit with the Ben Wa balls inside them.
  • Hygiene becomes critical and should be considered when selecting the balls.
  • If the Ben Wa balls are not cleaned properly, it may result in a painful vaginal infection. They should be washed in warm or hot water with antibacterial soap.

What are other tips for strengthening your Kegel muscles?

Other recommendations to strengthen pelvic floor muscles may include:

  • Maintaining a healthy body mass index. Losing weight can reduce pelvic floor strain.
  • Avoiding bladder-irritating foods and beverages, such as caffeinated beverages and sparkling water.
  • Increasing intake of fiber-rich foods.
  • Drinking raspberry leaf, comfrey, and especially horsetail, which can help rebuild connective tissue.
  • Chiropractic care, which can alleviate the symptoms of pelvic prolapse

Toning these muscles will provide you with a variety of benefits, including the ability to climax more easily and with greater intensity. Begin with a single Kegel ball and work your way up to a double Kegel ball for greater control and intensity.


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Medically Reviewed on 10/13/2021
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