Vertigo Treatment

The key to treatment of vertigo is to diagnose the underlying cause(s). Many people that have relatively benign causes of vertigo require no treatment while others may benefit from such medications as meclizine, diphenhydramine, promethazine, or diazepam. Diagnosis of the more serious underlying causes with such tests as a head CT or MRI scan along with some blood tests may be required to determine the best treatment for your underlying cause.

There are reports that massage therapy and homeopathic compounds can cure vertigo but it is best to discuss these therapies with your doctor before trying them.

You should seek medical help if the symptom of vertigo persists; emergency evaluation may be needed if the symptom of vertigo leads to falls and an inability to walk normally.

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Medically reviewed by Peter O’Connor, M.D. American Board of Otolaryngology with subspecialty in Sleep Medicine


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