What Causes Arthritis and Baker's Cyst?

Last Editorial Review: 1/11/2018

Ask the experts

I was in an automobile accident about 3 years ago. I was stopped at a red light and hit from behind by a drunk driver at high speed. In addition to other injuries, my knees hit the dashboard with force. I have suffered from alot of pain. The surgeon said that I have arthritis, a Baker's cyst, and torn cartilage. I never suffered from arthritis before.  Could the impact of this crash have started the arthritis and the Baker's cyst? I had arthroscopic surgery done. The arthritis was medium to severe.

Doctor's response

It is not possible for me to communicate on the particulars of your situation.  Impact injuries to the joints can cause cartilage damage.  Cartilage damage can cause arthritis and lead to a Baker's cyst over time.

For more information , visit the Osteoarthritis and Baker's Cyst Centers.


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