Is It Safe to Take Tylenol or Ibuprofen Before COVID-19 Vaccine?

Medically Reviewed on 12/17/2021
Is It Safe to Take Tylenol or Ibuprofen Before COVID-19 Vaccine
The CDC does not recommend taking Tylenol or ibuprofen before getting the COVID-19 vaccine, as doing so may weaken its effectiveness

Because taking over-the-counter painkillers before getting vaccinated may reduce the responsiveness of your immune system and therefore weaken the effectiveness of the vaccine, the CDC does not recommend taking Tylenol or ibuprofen before getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

What are the side effects of COVID-19 vaccine?

All vaccines, including the COVID-19 vaccine, may cause side effects. Side effects indicate that the vaccine is working and training your immune system to detect and destroy SARS-CoV-2 cells if you are exposed to the virus in the future.

Side effects of COVID-19 vaccines may include:

In rare cases, individuals who received mRNA vaccines have reported myocarditis and pericarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle and membranes), as well as facial palsy. These have responded well to medications.

Those who got the Janssen or AstraZeneca vaccine have reported rare incidences of venous blood clots in the brain and abdomen.

Despite these side effects, the advantages of the vaccine far outweigh the side effects.

Is it safe to take Tylenol or ibuprofen after COVID-19 vaccine?

Side effects caused by the COVID-19 vaccine normally subside on their own. They can typically be managed at home with rest, hydration, ice packs, and painkillers.

Over-the-counter pain relievers recommended by the CDC for post COVID-19 vaccination include:

However, you should consult your doctor before taking these medications for symptom relief.

Will taking Tylenol beforehand reduce negative effects of other childhood vaccines?

Research conducted on this topic has left experts with mixed results.

In a 1998 study, some children who were getting their childhood vaccines were given Tylenol, while others were not. Researchers discovered no difference in the number of side effects suffered by either group of children.

However, research conducted in 2014 discovered that when children took Tylenol or Advil before their childhood immunizations, they experienced less soreness afterward. Although both drugs relieved pain, Tylenol was more effective at reducing temperature. 

These painkillers helped with the first vaccinations more frequently than booster shots. Moreover, the study reported that antibodies may still be less sensitive to vaccination antigens, although clinical implications are unknown.

Because these trials appear to have contradictory results, additional research is needed to determine whether or not taking Tylenol or Advil before vaccination can help reduce side effects.

Medically Reviewed on 12/17/2021
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