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Comment from: Jimbo, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: July 28

Warning signs of stroke! Heavens, I'd had them for over 18 months and didn't even know it. Now I know the whole story. I'd been having lightheadedness, speech disturbances (although I didn't notice them, reported to me by family and friends), episodes of (so unlike me) weird behavior, and finally, my vision would 'star up' and I'd feel like I was going to faint. Finally, the vision and fainting symptoms were too much to ignore, and I saw my general physician, who listened to both sides of my neck for bruits (noises caused by disturbed circulation); he sent me to the hospital that very same afternoon for an ultrasound of both carotid arteries. Sure enough, the blockage was rated at 90 plus percent, and the next morning I found myself admitted through the emergency room for surgery. They did an endarterectomy on my right carotid, and after a long period of recovery from the surgery, I'm finally ok. The vascular/neuro surgery team said it takes about 5 years for a carotid to become blocked; but the terrible thing is you don't know when that 5-year clock starts ticking, and the symptoms get worse very subtly over a long period of time. The advice given on this web site is wise; do not ignore it. If I had the past 40 years to live all over again, I'd watch my diet and make sure I exercised.

Comment from: Cathy, 45-54 Female (Caregiver) Published: July 14

Prior to having a stroke, I had a severe headache, worst one ever experienced and extreme sensitivity to light.

Comment from: old is new, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: March 17

I had an unusual type of headache and severe pulsating pain in right shoulder continuing up the neck to my head, resulting in basal ganglia stroke.

Comment from: lizineaston, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: September 16

It was 8 pm, and all of a sudden I was very tired. I told my husband I was going to bed. I went upstairs, put on my night clothes and suddenly got a terrible pain in the pack of my head which radiated to my ears. I knew something was wrong. I went to my husband's night stand and got two aspirin and swallowed them. I headed for the bathroom, was walking into walls to get there. I called for my husband. He came upstairs, could not understand what I was saying. He called 911, the emergency medical technicians (EMTs) came while he was on the phone with 911 operator. I was rushed 6 blocks to the hospital. In minutes I had a CT scan and was given the clot buster drug. In less than an hour my speech was much improved. I had some weakness in my left arm. That was a Wednesday, by the following Friday afternoon I went home. Seven weeks later I am 95% improved.

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