Does Smoking Ruin Your Looks?

Smoking and non-smoking twins.
Smoking and non-smoking twins close-up.
A woman smoking.
A woman pinching skin.
A woman folding her arms.
A woman with lines around her lips smoking.
Smoking and non-smoking twins showing difference in age spots.
Photo of damaged teeth from smoking.
Smoke-stained fingers.
A balding man smoking.
Cataracts of the eye.
Woman with psoriasis on her elbows.
A man smoking with crow's feet and wrinkles.
An illustration of the skin.
A man applying skin cream.
A woman having laser therapy performed on her face.
An illustration of osteoporosis.
A photo of coronary artery.
 Runners on a track being timed.
An ultrasound image of a baby.
A depressed woman smoking.
Oral cancer.
Illustration of cancerous lung.
Image of human lung.
A man smoking and shrouded in smoke.
A woman breaking a cigarette in half.

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Reviewed by JAMES E. GERACE, MD on Tuesday, May 03, 2016

25 Effects of Smoking on Your Looks and Life

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