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Comment from: Kjeh, Female (Patient) Published: January 22

I've had sleep paralysis since I was young and when it got worse as a teenager I started a dream/sleep diary. If I'm overtired, sleeping on my back, dehydrated, stressed, eat pork, or it's a full moon I will have auditory hallucinations (loud voices), facial spasms (several times I thought I was having an epileptic fit), ringing in my ears, panic, the feeling that something or someone (evil) is near, and sometimes I feel pressure on the bed, feel cold and feel someone sliding the sheets off me. I'll wake up momentarily and fall right back into the paralysis. I also have flying dreams. As a kid I could just barely get away from whatever was chasing me in my dream, now am a very skilled flyer. When I can't shake myself awake during the paralysis I say (sometimes aloud) 'Fly' and I dream I'm flying and this stops the paralysis and the panic. It works every time.

Comment from: Soumya, 25-34 Male (Patient) Published: December 05

I feel it almost daily. I am suffering from this since 10 years. First I got scared and met with some neurologist and they gave some medications. But it can't make me rid of this. Every time when it happens it seems deep and bigger than before. In the starting period I think that I am going to die so I scream for help. But I can't speak too and I could make only noise which is created by air flow by my mouth. How much ever I try to move myself it gets worse. When feeling it several times I tried to enjoy it. But sometimes I succeed and sometimes not. Whenever I can control it my imagination power seems true. Whatever I want to feel, see and think, it feels true. But mostly I can't control it. I am living single now so my girlfriend usually helps me on the phone. I use headphones and when I make noise, then she hangs up the phone and calls me again. The phone ringtone make me awake and helps me. I want to get rid of this!

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