What Condition Causes Severe Facial Nerve Pain?

Last Editorial Review: 1/11/2018

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This specialty is the closest I could reach for help on a question. My brother has developed a severe pain on the right side of his head that extends top/bottom of his jaw, throat, tongue and shoots up to the top of his head. The pain is so severe that it is undescribable/unbearable. It will last any where from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. An oral surgeon has tried him on prednisone/steroid and didn't work. He wants to give him a medicine that is presently being used for seizures. If that doesn't work the said that surgery was next. That they enter at the back of the skull, place an item between the nerves? I am unable to pronounce nor spell the name of the problem. Also said the seizure medication is similar to Dilantin. I really would like an opinion as early as possible.

Doctor's response

It is conceivable that your brother has been diagnosed with a painful nerve condition called tic doloreaux or trigeminal neuralgia. This condition causes pain in the nerve of sensation to one side of the face. It is not unusual for doctors to attempt to alleviate the chronic pain associated with tic doloreaux by using antiseizure drugs, such as dilantin (phenytoin) or Tegretol (carbamazapine). These medications can help but are not always effective.

Ear-nose-throat surgeons frequently evaluate and treat patients with these conditions as do neurologists.


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