Sex After Having a Baby

Restoring your sex life after having a baby can be challenging.
Talk with your doctor to find out when you can start having sex again.
Busy, restless mothers may have little desire for sex.
Dads may also need more rest and are more likely to be interested in sex.
Couples should discuss ways to lessen fatigue and find time for sex.
Hormonal changes in women can restrain sexual desire and alter emotions.
A woman breastfeeding her baby.
Women often feel self-conscious about their body image after pregnancy.
Kegel exercises can help strengthen pelvic muscles.
Find out what is emotionally holding you back from having sex.
Seek help and be open with your partner about your problems.
Discover other ways to be affectionate with your partner.
Couples can plan to fit sex into their busy schedules.
Find out whether or not having sex often is a necessity in your relationship.

Low Blood Pressure (Hypotension)

Multiple Sclerosis


Reviewed by Wayne Blocker, MD on Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Your Sex Life After Pregnancy

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