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Hi! After reading your documentation on Rosacea, I have concluded that I am suffering from the same. I am 25. Although the document was quite informative, I feel that there was nothing to actually guide how it can be treated. I have undergone a course of tetracycline but it has not cured the rosacea. I have also undergone laser treatment but still recently it has again started to make my nose red. I would appreciate it if you could supply some more information to actually guide how and where to get it treated. Thanks, PN.

Doctor's Response:
You may be right that you have rosacea. However, you should have the diagnosis confirmed by a doctor. Seeing a dermatologist (a skin doctor) in consultation may be helpful.

The red nose is typical of rosacea but there are other conditions (including laser treatment) that can cause a red nose.

If you have rosacea, tetracycline may well help but it will not cure the rosacea. Nothing cures rosacea. The present aim is to control rosacea, to keep it in check, since a cure is not currently known.

Following your suggestion that we "supply some more information," we have expanded the Rosacea article of and have included considerably more about a number of facets, including the treatment, of this common condition. We hope you find the new information of value.

Last Editorial Review: 4/1/2002

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