Prostate Cancer - The Importance of a PSA Test

Dr. Melissa Stöppler, Editor of discusses how a PSA test works in diagnosing prostate cancer

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Listen now as Dr. Melissa Stöppler discusses PSA tests and how they work in diagnosing prostate cancer. (MP3 3:42min 2.2MB)

The following is a partial transcript taken from this audio broadcast:

Dr. Melissa Stöppler: "PSA levels alone don't give doctors enough information to decide if a person has prostate cancer or not since benign conditions, inflammation and other conditions can cause a rise in PSA levels. An elevated PSA level in a patient with a history of cancer doesn't always mean the cancer has recurred. It's important to remember that there are no specific normal or abnormal PSA levels, but in general the higher the PSA level, the more likely that cancer is present. "

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