Gastric Bypass Surgery - Risks and Controversy

Dr. Melissa Stoppler, Editor of discusses gastric bypass surgery, who is an appropriate candidate, lifestyle changes, risks, and more.

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"What would you do if you were more than 100 pounds overweight? For Pamela Harrison, diets and workouts weren't the answer anymore.  At 5 5'' tall and 272 pounds, Harrison decided it was time for a lifestyle change and underwent gastric bypass surgery. In the past three months since her surgery she has lost more than 55 pounds. But just how risky is this surgery? Today we're talking with Dr. Melissa Stoppler regarding the risks and controversies of gastric bypass surgery. One of the first things to consider and discuss with your doctor is whether you are an appropriate candidate for this type of surgery.  Gastric bypass surgery is not done when you need to lose a few pounds. It's usually only done when you're significantly obese and have been for several years.  Most doctors recommend considering the procedure only for people with a body mass index greater than or equal to forty or people who have serious medical issues or even life-threatening complications from their obesity..."

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