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Diet and Nutrition Q&A by Betty Kovacs, MS, RD

Are there any foods I can eat to improve my memory? Is there really "food for thought"?

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MedicineNet Diet
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Betty Kovacs' Message:

Betty Kovacs is director of nutrition at the New York Obesity Research Center Weight Loss Program. Her specialty is weight management and health associated with weight management.

Kovacs became interested in nutrition during her last semester of college when she went through a dramatic weight loss. Although she was discouraged from entering into the nutrition field because of the high demand for science courses, she persevered and fell in love with it.

With the high amount of wrong health information people receive on a regular basis, Kovacs feels fortunate to have the ability to provide accurate, credible help to those in need of health information.

"If I had to pick something that I didn't get paid to do, there's nothing else I could see myself doing," Kovacs says. "It's amazing to watch someone from the beginning and then a year later see how they've transformed. Their relationship with food and knowledge of their health has completely changed."

As a registered dietician, Kovacs has worked with many different aspects of health management including her work with cancer patients as well as patients inflicted with HIV. However, she fell in love with weight management after she became involved with helping people have new beginnings in their lives.

In her free time, Kovacs enjoys visiting botanical gardens in New York, going to Broadway shows, games and puzzles, and comedy shows.

Last Editorial Review: 11/9/2006

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