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Cardiology Q&A by Dr. Kulick

How serious was Vice President Dick Cheney's latest heart problem, atrial fibrillation?

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Dr. Kulick

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Dr. Kulick's Message :

Dr. Daniel Lee Kulick is in active practice as a member of Mission Internal Medical Group in Orange County, CA. Dr. Kulick finds disease prevention to be one of the most beneficial aspects of his career, as he enjoys being able to help his patients avoid diseases before they occur.

'It's rewarding to find someone who has a life-threatening problem and you're able to fix it before they have a heart attack," Dr. Kulick says.

He has spent over 20 years in the medical field and is interested in new developments in cardiology such as stents and new cholesterol guidelines.

In his free time, Dr. Kulick enjoys sports, exercise and reading.

Last Editorial Review: 11/29/2007

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