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Pulmonary Q&A by Dr. Schiffman

My husband has been diagnosed with Stage IV COPD, what does Stage IV indicate?

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Dr. Schiffman

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Dr. Schiffman's Message:

As a pulmonary care physician and founder of the Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Education Program in Southern California, Dr. Schiffman enjoys taking the opportunity to inform patients as best he can about their disease or condition. He feels informed patients make everyone's life easier because the patient is empowered with knowledge, and patient care is a team approach.

"In pulmonary care we're in a unique position where we have the privilege to save people's lives," Dr. Schiffman says. "Participating in saving someone's life is the greatest feeling or sensation anyone can have in any profession."

Dr. Schiffman enjoys taking the time to work with people and improve their health as well as having the privilege to be involved in his patients' lives.

Besides pulmonary care, Dr. Schiffman has a passion for guitars and enjoys playing and even building guitars in his free time. He also enjoys skiing and spending time with his family as well.

Last Editorial Review: 3/5/2007

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