Testicular Cancer - Symptoms and Detection

Dr. Melissa Stoppler, Editor of MedicineNet.com discusses what are the symptoms of testicular cancer and how is it detected?

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Listen now to Dr. Melissa Stoppler discuss symptoms of testicular cancer and how it's detected. (MP3 3:15min 1.86MB)

The following is a partial transcript taken from this audio broadcast:

"Many men don't realize the importance of doing a testicular self- exam each month.  Just as women should be examining their breasts to look  for possible signs of breast cancer, it's important for men after they have reached puberty, to perform a testicular cancer self exam each month. Because testicular cancer has a very high cure rate and with a cure rate of almost 100% for the very early stages of this disease, it's very important to detect and treat the cancer as early as possible.  Doctors recommend that men perform a testicular self-exam while standing up, and preferably after a hot shower or bath when the muscles are most relaxed ..."

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