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Grilled Eggplant and Pepper Goat Cheese Sandwiches


  • 1 red bell pepper
  • 1 eggplant, cut lengthwise into 1/4 inch slices
  • 3 tablespoons low-fat bottled Italian or balsamic vinaigrette
  • 8 slices of whole-grain bread (French baguette sliced lengthwise can be substituted)
  • 2 ounces soft goat cheese
  • 1/4 cup tapenade (olive spread available in bottles at specialty sections and stores)

1. Preheat the barbecue or grill.
2. Cut the top off of the bell pepper and discard the rind and seeds. Cut pepper into quarters. Brush a low-fat bottled Italian or balsamic vinaigrette on eggplant slices and bell pepper pieces.
3. Place the eggplant slices and red bell pepper pieces on grill coated with canola cooking spray and grill, about 6 inches from the heat, until tender and slightly browned (about 8-10 minutes), turning after about 4-5 minutes.
4. Spread 4 bottom slices of bread with goat cheese then top with tapenade. Top the tapenade with slices of eggplant and a piece of red pepper, then top each with the remaining slices of bread.
5. Cut each sandwich into 2 or 4 triangles (if using whole-grain bread) and serve.

4 sandwiches

Nutritional Information:
Per serving: 317 calories, 12 g protein, 43 g carbohydrate, 13 g fat (4.3 g saturated fat, 6 g monounsaturated fat, 1.6 g polyunsaturated fat), 11 mg cholesterol, 8 g fiber, 810 mg sodium. Calories from fat: 34%.

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