Arthur M. Presser, PharmD, DHPh

Arthur M. Presser, PharmD, DHPh
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Arthur M. Presser, PharmD, DHPh, is an adjunct assistant professor of pharmacy practice at the University of Southern California School of Pharmacy. After beginning his career in pharmacy, Presser switched his focus to alternative and complimentary medicine, making him one of the nations earliest crossover pharmacists. Presser has been a contributor to the University of Southern California School of Pharmacy in preparing a non-traditional medicine curriculum for pharmacy students, as well as graduate pharmacists, via continuing education seminars. With the continued interest in natural healing, he sees this work as a contribution to the future of integrative medicine.

The author of three books in this field, including the renowned Pharmacist's Guide to Medicinal Herbs, The Nature Pharmacist's Vitamin Primer and The Medicinal Herb Primer, his work has also been featured in numerous health magazines and newsletters. He is a frequent guest lecturer on complementary and alternative medicine for consumers, retailers and health professionals, and appears on television and radio shows.

Presser is a principal in a small chain of Great Earth Vitamin stores in Northern California and is a consultant to various manufacturing companies in the nutritional supplement industry. He believes this is the ideal way to extend his expertise and counsel on the proper use of safe and effective products. He also consults with medical professionals on integrating natural products into their patients' care. Presser has committed himself to spending more time educating consumers, retailers, and health professionals alike in the safe use of nutrients and herbals to promote a higher level of wellness.

Presser resides with his wife in La Selva Beach, California. When not on the road, he enjoys a host of outdoor activities, including running, biking, hiking and mountaineering.