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Got 8 Minutes? Get Fit!-- Jorge Cruise-- 01/13/04

By Jorge Cruise
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Are you too busy to exercise? Not if you have eight minutes to spare. Find out how to get in shape and lose weight with just a few minutes of exercise a day. Jorge Cruise, author of the 8 Minutes in the Morning series, joined us to explain his system.

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Moderator: Welcome back to WebMD Live, Jorge. Ready to spend 45 minutes talking about 8 Minutes in the Morning?

Cruise: Let's do it. Let's talk about how to lose 2 pounds a week in eight minutes.

Member question: Hi Jorge, I'm trying to drop the last 10 or so pounds and am looking for a very effective but not time consuming. Can you please give us a brief overview of your program?

Cruise: Great question. The secret to the Jorge Cruise weight control plan is the following: Diets do not work. The secret on my plan is to restore your resting metabolism. And thus, boosting the amount of calories you burn throughout the day without the need to starve, deprive yourself, or count calories or cut carbs.

So how do we restore our resting metabolism? We must create new lean muscle fibers. These muscle fibers make us look younger, more toned, but most importantly, burn fat 24 hours a day -- even when you're sleeping or at the computer or watching TV.

Member question: I have 85 pounds to lose and just joined the program yesterday. I did the eight MM this morning but didn't really feel the burn. I had to do the modified one because I couldn't do the other because of my weight. Is there anything I am doing wrong?

Cruise: Excellent question. If you do the eight-minute routine I prescribe, but do not feel an overload or fatigue in the muscle at the end of each minute then your eight-minute workout has been wasted. The most important element to the eight-minute workout is feeling that fatigue after each move. You must adapt your workouts that I prescribe either in my book or web site to feel that burn. Just eight minutes of exercise will not work; it must be an intense eight minutes for you to lose 2 pounds a week each week.

My recommendation to you would be to modify the workout with dumbbells, if possible. My first book, 8 Minutes in the Morning, is exclusively designed to be used with dumbbells. My second book, 8 Minutes for Real Shapes, is designed for nondumbbell use. I would make sure you use the first book, if possible. Also feel free to explore the routines at the web site.

Member question: How do you change one's metabolic set point?

Cruise: I knew someone would ask this great question. Here are the facts: Each year you do not do muscle toning exercises after the age of 25 you lose each year 1/2 pound of lean muscle fiber. That equals per day, 50 less calories burned. That may not seem like much, but over the course of one year it equates to 18,250 calories that you burn less throughout that year. Now, what does that means in terms of fat gained? That 1/2 a pound loss of lean muscle fiber equates to a weight gain of 5 pounds of pure fat. That's just for 1/2 pound lost.

On average, most of my clients have not done any muscle toning exercises for at least five years. Which would equate to 2 1/2 pounds lost of lean muscle fiber, which equals 125 fewer calories burned a day, and over the course of a year equals 45,625 calories that are not burned in the course of a year. And since one pound of fat equals 3,500 calories, this means 45,625 calories equals 13 pounds of pure fat gained yearly.

So the most important thing you must do is restore that lost lean muscle fiber, which was lost not due to old age, but rather lack of use.

If anyone would like to take a free profile to find out exactly how many pounds of muscle they have lost, and thus, how many pounds of fat they are gaining per year due to that muscle fiber loss, I invite you all to take a peek at for that profile. There is no cost for that profile.

Member question: You didn't mention in your work about body fat percentage. Isn't that important info to calculate during the 8 MM program?

Cruise: The bottom line on body fat percentage is that it is a nice piece of data to have if you can acquire it. Of course, you might have to go to a specialist. Most of my clients do not have the time or resources to do that, and the truth is that the most effective way to judge whether you look and feel trim and lean is by simply looking at yourself undressed in front of a mirror. Muscle tone will make your body look shapely, toned, and youthful.

Dieting does the opposite. Dieting causes you to burn muscle fiber and preserve fat. When you are on a low-calorie, low-carb diet, your body is in a mini-famine mode, and when in that mode your body preserves the most precious caloric resource to keep you alive in famine mode, which since the cave-dwelling days has been FAT.

You must teach your body to eat muscle-making foods every three hours and, of course, stimulate those muscles each day with some form of resistance training. Of course I am somewhat biased and I would recommend my eight minute moves. They are perfect for those on the go and can be done at home.

To recap, body composition is nice, and your body composition with the Jorge Cruise plan will change; you will increase your muscle fiber composition and decrease your fat composition by 2 pounds a week each week guaranteed.

Member question: Hi Jorge. I seem to gain weight as I gain muscle. Isn't the muscle supposed to replace the fat? Will your eight-minute plan help me with this?

Cruise: Of course it will. Muscle does burn fat, so whenever muscle is restored and recreated on the body it immediately begins to consume calories. Muscle is more compact than fat, more firm than fat, and will give your body that youthful toned appearance.

My plan will not make you big and bulky; that is a myth. It is impossible for women to create big and bulky muscles, because they do not have the hormones to do so. So do not worry, ladies, your bodies will look firm, lean and long, but never bulky using the Jorge Cruise Weight Control Plan.

Member question: Does the program involve cardio exercise and an eating program? Or just muscle toning?

Cruise: The Jorge Cruise Weight Control Plan does include an optional cardiovascular plan, but it is optional and does not affect weight loss. The goal of the cardiovascular plan is to tone the heart muscles and relieve stress. All current research from major universities have shown that cardiovascular exercises, versus muscle toning exercises, are not as effective in burning calories throughout the course of a day.

The most effective method to burn fat at rest is investing your time in strength training, resistance training, and muscle toning exercises. They will generate a caloric deficit every single time for 24 hours in a day, versus cardiovascular exercises, which tend to only burn calories while you're doing them.

Once people have lost a significant amount of weight on the Jorge Cruise plan I recommend incorporating cardiovascular three times a week on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday routine, but only once they feel comfortable when they walk. Too many of my clients that have 100 or more pounds to lose, when in the past they've tried walking, would feel their inner thighs burn, their lower backs ache, and their knees hurt.

So if you have 100 pounds or so to lose, do not do cardio until you've lost a significant amount of that weight. I would stick to only my eight-minute, muscle-toning moves. They require NO aerobic/cardio movements and are gentle to your back, knees, and inner thighs. And, of course, they can be done in the privacy of your own home.

Now let me address my meal plan. Many times people will ask me, "Jorge, does it matter what I eat on your plan; can I eat anything?" My answer is yes to both. It does matter what you eat, but you can eat anything. Let me explain. Since the goal of the Jorge Cruise Weight Control Plan is to restore lean muscle tissue, of course we must first stimulate those muscles with the correct form of exercise and then we must provide your body the proper "building materials" to create those new lean muscle fibers.

A good metaphor for this is building a home: the exercises are the workers and the food is the bricks, wood, and nails. You cannot build a home without both.

The eating plan that I recommend does not restrict calories, but rather requires you eat every three hours throughout the day. That is a pillar to the program. When you eat every three hours you are giving your body not only the materials it needs to restore your resting metabolism, but as well teaching your body to not be in a famine mode, thus allowing your body to burn the body fat you have stored rather than burn the muscle fibers you have worked for.

Please feel free to visit my web site for wonderful recipes, as well as a meal planner that will teach you what foods to eat. Please note, you can eat almost anything on my plan, including fast food, frozen foods, homemade meals, or for those on the go, you will get my recommended brands of shakes and bars that you can use on the run.

Just to let you know, each evening you end the day with a delicious treat, because avoiding chocolate or little candies for weeks on end guarantees failure. You must enjoy each day!

Member question: I have found your first book extremely helpful and clear. I just joined the new web site and feel like it's not a stand-alone project, that I still need the books to do the program. Is that right?

Cruise: Yes and no. If you have my books they are fantastic resources because they will give you the in-depth knowledge of how to lose 2 pounds a week in eight minutes, plus they will give you all my eight-minute moves in a format that is preprinted, convenient, and easy to travel with.

The web site,, on the other hand, will help you stay organized by helping you track not only your exercises in a log format, but also plan your muscle making meals each day. Furthermore, the web site will also give you daily access to my power talks, which I record live to inspire you, as well as to keep you focused. You will also have access at the site to my mentor system. Mentors are people that have already achieved their weight loss success but want to share their secrets and help keep you encouraged, as well.

So please do come and visit the site. It will help make things even easier for you so that you stick with it long term, and most importantly, help you keep the weight off for a lifetime.

Member question: Are there any exercises you can recommend for someone that has had major back surgery, hip replacement, and has knee problems?

Cruise: Absolutely. That would be the exercises either in my second book, 8 Minutes in the Morning for Real Shapes, Real Sizes, or the extra easy exercises at my web site. These exercises are designed to be extra gentle and not painful to the beginner, who might have more aches and pains.

The most important tip, regardless, is to NEVER exercise if you feel any pain or discomfort while doing any type of exercise. And always check with your doctor first to get the thumbs up.

Member question: I see you have two new books targeting specific areas of the body, a flat belly and lean hips and thin thighs. Is it possible to just work on one part of the body? Isn't it better to do an overall program? How do these programs fit in with your basic program?

Cruise: My new two books are designed for sculpting. The 8 Minutes to Lean Hips and Thin Thighs book is designed to help you sculpt off four inches in less than four weeks. I would recommend that book for women or men that want to get that finishing touch for their thighs.

If you have more weight to lose I would recommend my first or second book. Those books are designed for core weight loss. These two new books are designed for sculpting. I also have the 8 Minutes in the Morning to a Flat Belly book, which will help you lose 6 inches off your waist in less than four weeks. Again, this book, like the thigh book, is a sculpting book. It does have three levels of difficulty, and I would only work on one trouble zone at a time. Pick either the belly or thigh area, and you'll be set.

Or if you have more weight to lose, then stick to my first book, 8 Minutes in the Morning, or the second book, 8 Minutes for Real Shapes, Real Sizes.

Member question: If I miss a day of doing the 8 MM, and double up the next day, will the effect be the same?

Cruise: No. The goal is to do it each day. I would recommend you become as disciplined as possible and make sure that you place yourself as your top priority each morning before the kids, spouse, or work.

If you allow yourself to miss days I cannot guarantee you success long term. Odds are that lack of discipline will cause you failure long term. Simply make sure that YOU are the most important person in your day and you will be successful for the rest of your life. And thus, your work and family will benefit.

Moderator: So you have no plans for a 16 Minutes Every Other Morning book?

Cruise: That's right. We're sticking to 8 minutes!

Member question: For someone needing to lose a lot of weight, which book should I start with?

Cruise: The book I would recommend is called 8 Minutes in the Morning for Real Shapes, Real Sizes. It is blue in color, but please note, starting in April the book will be out in paperback and be re-titled 8 Minutes in the Morning for Extra Easy Weight Loss. It's the same book with just a different title. Regardless, that's the book for you. It's the true beginners strength-training book, ideal for people who do not want to use dumbbells. My online site has similar moves that are extra easy, as well.

Member question: Are the same exercises done everyday? Or do you work different muscle groups on different days?

Cruise: Each day of the week you work two different muscle groups, and they are opposing muscle groups, meaning you work opposite muscles. For example, on Monday you work chest and back; on Tuesday you work shoulders and abs; on Wednesday you work biceps and triceps. And you continue that way until you've worked your whole body, upper and lower. Sundays are always off.

The way we do the exercises is without any resting between sets. I have specifically designed the eight-minute moves to actively rest the muscles. This means when you are working chest you are resting the back, and thus can move from one exercise to the next without any resting or wasted time. I call this "active rest movements," or ARM. It is exclusive to the Jorge Cruise plan, and most importantly, ARM will save you time and wasted trips to the gym.

Moderator: Before we wrap up for today, do you have any final comments for us, Jorge?

Cruise: It's been a pleasure speaking with you all this month at WebMD. I hope to hear many success stories and hope you take action. I know being a formerly fat child and young man what it's like to be unhappy with your physical appearance and health. As a small child I was called "fatty butt," and as a young man I never played any sports. I was never active.

Fortunately, for me, I never gave up. I looked and looked for answers. After years of research and study and discipline, I created this plan that I know, if you give it a try, will help you lose 2 pounds a week in just eight minutes a day. I guarantee the results to all my clients that have the discipline and dedication to do, without fail, their eight-minute moves and eat their muscle- making meals. It is a way of life that will keep you young, toned, and lean, but most importantly, it is not a diet and not a quick fix.

So please make the commitment today and visit me today, if possible, at my web site or through my books. I look forward to being your personal weight-loss coach. I know you can do it. Have a wonderful 2004, and please keep in touch through Bye for now!

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