Heart Attacks: Are They Different In Women?

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Dr. Daniel Lee Kulick, Editor of Medicinenet.com, discusses Are heart attacks different in men and women?

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Listen now to Dr. Daniel Lee Kulick discuss Are heart attacks different in men and women? (MP3 4:01min 1.84MB)

The following is a partial transcript taken from this audio broadcast:

"A Medicinenet viewer asks, Are heart attacks different in men and women? Alot has been emphasized or stressed about the differences and I think the more that we learn it's probably more important to realize that there aren't as many differences because the more we emphasize differences, the more  women have a risk of possibly being ignored when they have symptoms to suggest of an impending heart attack. It's true that women may have more atypical..."

Listen to the entire audio segment on Are heart attacks different in men and women? in this edition of / Checking Your Pulse/.

Read More Read Medicinenet article: Heart Attack Symptoms in Women  on MedicineNet.com.

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