Checklist to Take To Your Doctor's Appointment

Last Editorial Review: 7/14/2005

Print this out and take it with you to your next doctor's visit.

  1. Make the most of your doctor's visit. Take five minutes, right now or in the waiting room, to jot down everything you'd like to ask your physician- and what he or she needs to know about you:
(Any changes in your sex life? Appetite? Mood? Body?)
  1. Write down every medication you are currently taking: (Including prescription and non-prescription drugs such as aspirin, antihistamines, vitamins or supplements)
  1. Follow-up notes from your doctor's visit: (Follow-up visits? Side effects? Terms to research?)


Never ignore the following symptoms: Always Tell your doctor about the following changes:
  • Severe headaches or a change in the way you have experienced headaches in the past
  • Diet: Has your appetite increased/decreased? Going "low-carb" or "low-sugar"? Are you hungry frequently? Do you get headaches?
  • Extreme weight loss without trying to lose weight
  • Stress: Having financial trouble? Marital problems? Do you feel overwhelmed by work or parenthood?
  • Pain while swallowing, fullness after eating small meals or a decrease in appetite
  • Mood: Do you feel "down" for longer than a day or two at a time?
  • Abdominal pain or change in bowel movements
  • Sleep: Do you have trouble falling asleep? Do you feel tired all day?
  • Slurred speech, vertigo, lack of physical coordination or limb weakness
  • Alcohol: Are you drinking more than 1-2 drinks each day or bingeing during the weekends?
  • Memory loss or loss for words during speech
  • Libido: Have you lost desire for sex? Is there any pain during sex?

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