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Diabetes Update #13 Day 5, Tuesday June 14 from the American Diabetes Association National Meeting

Dr. Ruchi Mathur offers perspectives of interest on topics from the American Diabetes Association's 65th Annual Scientific Sessions (held in San Diego, California June 10-14, 2005)

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Today marks the end of this years American Diabetes Association's annual meeting. This year brought about many interesting discussions.

There was information presented on new therapeutic advances in pumps and sensors, and on islet cell transplantation. These are areas certain to improve the quality of life in patients requiring insulin. New classes of agents to treat diabetes were reviewed and enhancements in classes of drugs already available were discussed. There were sessions on ways to improve patient education, ways to interact with the community to increase involvement and ways to help family members be a part of the whole process of caring for someone with diabetes. Nutritional goals were outlined, and ways to try to curb the growing number of the obese in our society was address at the cellular level, the genetic level, the therapeutic level and the lifestyle level.

The burden of diabetes is enormous. The burden of pre diabetes is enormous. The impact these diseases have on us as individuals and as a society is enormous. A significant focus of this meeting was on disease awareness and prevention in the hope to stop type 2 diabetes in some individuals before it starts.

Thousands of health care providers, researchers and educators spent the last few days in San Diego trying to tackle some of the many questions facing us regarding diabetes and the future. These efforts will continue, and hopefully we will continue to see advances in the treatment of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes until that wonderful day when diabetologists like me will need to look for a new job.

I hope you've enjoyed these updates from the ADA meeting this year. I've enjoyed the opportunity to share some of the new information on the treatment of diabetes with you.

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