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Diabetes Update #8 Day 3, Sunday June 12 from the American Diabetes Association National Meeting

Dr. Ruchi Mathur offers perspectives of interest on topics from the American Diabetes Association's 65th Annual Scientific Sessions (held in San Diego, California June 10-14, 2005)

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Listen now to Day 3, Diabetes and Lipid Lowering Therapy - from Dr. Ruchi Mathur who is at the diabetes conference in San Diego  (MP3 2:00min 1.83MB)

This is Dr. Ruchi Mathur with an update from San Diego and the American Diabetes Associations annual meeting.

Today, Attendees were updated on some important clinical trials involving the treatment of diabetes and concurrent conditions.

The first was dealing with the use of intensive lipid lowering therapy in patients with diabetes and stable vascular disease. This study involved over 18,000 patients. Subjects were placed on 10 mg of Lipitor and after a period, those who reached a LDL value of 130 mg/dl or less were then randomized to receive either 80 mg or continue on 10 mg of Lipitor. A total of about 5000 patients were in each group. Data was analyzed after 4.9 years. The LDL in the group on 10 mg averaged 98mg/dl and the LDL in the 80 mg group averaged 78mg/dl at the end of the study.

In the patients on 80 mg of Lipitor, there was a relative risk reduction of 22% in events such as heart attack and stroke. When the patients with diabetes were looked at separated - this benefit increased to 25%. The side effects reported were no different in the group receiving 10 mg of Lipitor versus 80 mg. So what does this mean? People with diabetes and with a high risk for vascular events such as stroke and heart disease do better with aggressive LDL lowering. Stay tuned for the next installment where I will update you on another late breaking clinical trial using a new cannaboid agent for the treatment of obesity.

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