Diabetes Update from the American Diabetes Association National Meeting

Dr. Ruchi Mathur offers perspectives of interest on topics from the American Diabetes Association's 65th Annual Scientific Sessions (held in San Diego, California June 10-14, 2005) American Diabetes Association National Meeting


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Day 5 (Tuesday, June 14)

Day 4 (Monday, June 13)

Day 3 (Sunday, June 12)

Day 2 (Saturday, June 11)

Day 1 (Friday, June 10)

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Listen now to an introduction (installment #1) from Dr. Ruchi Mathur who is at the diabetes conference in San Diego  (MP3 1:52min 861KB)

The American Diabetes Association annual scientific symposia is being held this year in San Diego. An estimated 15,000 clinicians, scientists, nutritionists and educators are expected to attend. The goal of this meeting is to allow for the exchange of new scientific ideas, to discuss the development of new products and medications and provide a forum to educate those involved in diabetes care on the latest concepts and breakthroughs.

Often these types of national meetings are cyclic. A few years go by without much buzz - and then a year or two follow with something incredibly significant like a breakthrough in understanding the mechanisms disease process, a class of drug targeting a new area for treatment or perhaps the identification of a new genetic link to explore.

This year promises to be an exciting one. There are new modalities for insulin delivery such as inhaled insulin which will be discussed throughout the session. There are brand new classes of drugs for the treatment of diabetes that have never been available before that are going to be reviewed in detail, and the important link between obesity and type 2 diabetes is another area that much of meeting will be devoted to. My goal is to report back to you daily on some of the major topics discussed at the ADA.

I hope you find these reports informative and interesting and I hope they give you some idea of what the thousands of people involved with the treatment of diabetes are buzzing about. Maybe some of this information will help you open a dialogue with your physician about your specific treatment options.

Daily Updates:

#2 Day 1 - Friday, June 10 First Day Highlights
#3 Day 1 - Friday, June 10 Extenetide (Byetta) Facts
#4 Day 2 - Saturday, June 11 A New Thiazolidinediones (TZD) Medication: Muraglitazar
#5 Day 2 - Saturday, June 11 Differences in Long Acting Insulins
#6 Day 2 - Saturday, June 11 Future of Inhaled Insulin
#7 Day 3 - Sunday, June 12 The Burden of Diabetes in the United States
#8 Day 3 - Sunday, June 12 Diabetes and Lipid Lowering Therapy
#9 Day 3 - Sunday, June 12 Rio Diabetes Study and Rimonabant
#10 Day 4 - Monday, June 13 New Diabetes Compounds Similar to Byetta - Chasing the Lizards Tail!
#11 Day 4 - Monday, June 13 Gastric Bypass and Diabetes
#12 Day 4 - Monday, June 13 Heart Disease and Diabetes
#13 Day 5 - Tuesday, June 14 Diabetes Conference Summary


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