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Dr. William C. Shiel Jr., Chief Editor of, discusses Breast Cancer and Pop Star Kylie Minogue

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Listen now to Dr. William Shiel discuss Breast Cancer and Pop Star Kylie Minogue (MP3 3:38min 1.67MB)

The following is a partial transcript taken from this audio broadcast:

"I recently read about that same occurrence of Miss Minogue in the popular literature in the lay press. This is a very unfortunate situation, you're right it is a particularly young age. 94% of breast cancers, according to recent Centers for Disease Control statistics, occur in women over the age of 40, so Miss Minogue's breast cancer is a strikingly uncommon incidence in that age group. Dr. Shiel, does the fact that she is under 40 mean that her breast cancer is different than women over 40?..."

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