Fibromyalgia - 3 Things Patients Can Do For Themselves

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Dr. William C. Shiel Jr., Chief Editor of, discusses Fibromyalgia - 3 Things Patients Can Do For Themselves

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The following is a partial transcript taken from this audio broadcast:

"In today's Monitoring Medicine segment we will be discussing fibromyalgia and things patients can do for themselves. It is not unusual for a patient with fibromyalgia to ask the doctor 'What can I do to help relieve my symptoms, after all I'm not very interested in medications'. Some patients with fibromyalgia make this or similar statements because they are often younger and do not have underlying ongoing medical conditions. Therefore, they are not accustomed to taking medications regularly. Are there really ways for patients to help themselves? The answer is yes! And here are the big three . . ."

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