New Coronavirus Can Survive on Some Surfaces Up to 28 Days

TUESDAY, Oct. 13, 2020 (HealthDay News) -- The new coronavirus can survive on surfaces such as banknotes and phones up to 28 days in cool, dark conditions, researchers report.

They tested the longevity of the virus in the dark at different temperatures and found that its length of survival decreased as temperatures rose, CBS News reported.

For example, at 68 degrees Fahrenheit, the virus was "extremely robust" on smooth surfaces, surviving for 28 days on glass, steel and plastic banknotes.

But the survival rate fell to seven days at 86 degrees Fahrenheit and to just 24 hours at 104 degrees Fahrenheit, CBS News reported.

Virus survival was shorter on porous surfaces such as cotton, less than 16 hours at the highest temperatures and up to 14 days at the lowest temperatures, according to the study published in the Virology Journal.

But that's much longer than previous research showing that the new coronavirus could survive up to four days on non-porous surfaces, the study authors noted.

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