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Free RSS News Syndication Service for Websites and Net Users Seeking Reliable Doctor-Produced Health and Medical Information

MedicineNet offers the convenience of RSS feeds which provide a means to view and deliver new or updated health and medical content that is posted on to your website or desktop. The RSS feeds are organized by channels. We have general and specific medical and health channels covering the latest medical news, diseases and conditions, procedures and tests, medications, and our MedTerms medical word of the day channel. By subscribing to a channel, you can have important headlines delivered to your XML enabled website or desktop on health and medical topics of interest to you. If you are looking for website integration and RSS is too technical, we do offer content syndication using our free syndicator tool.

To get started:
  • you need to install an RSS feed reader, (A reader is a software application similar in function to your email program - you will see headlines and descriptions in the channels you've subscribed to in this application - see the list of some of the available RSS readers)
  • and subscribe to a channel. To subscribe you need to copy the channel URL into your reader.

The XML feed  icon icon helps you identify that an RSS Feed is available. This icon will have the URL link to that channel. To subscribe to the channel, right-click on it and choose Copy Shortcut. Switch to your reader and select File, New menu option (this may vary based on your reader). Follow the menus to add the channel.

If you click on this icon, a new browser window will open that includes the XML code. All you need is the URL that points your reader to that channel. For example our Daily Health and Medical News channel URL looks like this:
To add the channel, you can copy this URL from the browser into your reader. See the instructions in your reader software on how to create a new channel.

Once you have subscribed, your reader will automatically check the channel for updates. For example, if MedicineNet posts a new Arthritis article, and you've subscribed to our Arthritis General Channel, you will see that this article has been added in your reader. You can go directly to that new article on This is a great way to keep up-to-date on the new or updated content posted on We have many health and medicine channels that you can subscribe to in the RSS format. Please subscribe and enjoy!  We also have other free health and medical solutions available.

Benefits of RSS Feeds
  • You take control and determine which RSS channel you would like to view.
  • You only view a headline and description making it easy for you to scan topics.
  • The link will take you directly to that article.
  • You are alerted when our site is updated.
Available MedicineNet RSS Feed Channels

When you see this icon XML, throughout MedicineNet you know that there is an RSS feed channel related to the health or medical topic you are reading. By clicking on the icon and using your RSS reader, you can subscribe to that channel.

We offer four types of health and medical RSS feed channels.

  • Daily Health and Medical News Channel (updated nightly Monday through Friday)
  • Weekly Health and Medical News Digest Channel (compilation of the previous week's daily health and medical news - updated every Friday night)
  • MedTerms Medical Word of the Day Channel (a medical definition from our medical dictionary - updated daily, 7 days a week)
  • General Channels (broad, 36 available - for example the Skin General Channel)
General Health and Medical Channels (broad medical and health topics)

We currently cover 38 General Health and Medical Channels. A collection of specialty articles typically make-up a general channel. For example our Arthritis General Channel includes over 250 arthritis related articles such as Osteoarthritis and Psoriatic Arthritis. Below is a listing of available general channels. You can also locate a general channel by looking for the General XML feed  icon icon on the left navigation of the Focused topic in

Available RSS Health and Medical Channels from MedicineNet
To subscribe, click on the XML icon below and add the feed URL to your reader
Daily Health and Medical News XML
Weekly Health and Medical News Digest XML
MedTerms Medical Word of the Day XML

General Health and Medical Channels

Allergies XML Lung Conditions XML
Alzheimer's Disease XML Medications XML
Arthritis XML Menopause XML
Asthma XML Men's health XML
Cancer XML Mental Health XML
Cholesterol XML Migraine Headaches XML
Chronic Pain XML Neurology XML
Cold & Flu XML Nutrition, Food, & Recipes XML
Depression XML Oral Health XML
Diabetes XML Pediatrics / Healthy Kids XML
Diet & Weight Management XML Pregnancy XML
Digestion XML Prevention & Wellness XML
Exercise & Fitness XML Senior Health XML
Eyesight XML Sexual Health XML
Hearing XML Skin XML
Heart XML Sleep XML
High Blood Pressure XML Thyroid XML
HIV XML Travel Health XML
Infectious Disease XML Women's Health XML

What is RSS?

RSS stands for Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication and is based on a technology known as XML. Among other things, RSS allows you to view headlines of the latest content posted on a website like When you see the XML XML icon on a page on, you know that that particular article or topic has an associated RSS channel. You will need an RSS reader (also known as a news aggregator) to properly interpret the RSS feeds on the channel. These readers also allow you to subscribe to the channel. The advantage of an RSS feeds is you only view the most recent changes to our site. This alerts you to an important change or addition in a medical or health topic that may be of interest to you.

RSS Resources

General information on RSS:

There are many RSS readers (news aggregators) available for download. Search for RSS readers in your favorite search engine to find the most popular ones. Most are software applications that must be installed onto your computer. Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browsers both support RSS feeds.

RSS Feed Terms of Use

We encourage you to use our health and medical RSS feeds, so long as you do not post the entire article and so long as you provide proper attribution and links back to The MedicineNet RSS feeds are also available for syndication onto your web site.

For more free health and medical content, learn about our Content Syndicator Tool offering easy delivery of MedicineNet headlines that appear on your website.