First Coronavirus-Related Drug Shortage Reported in U.S.

FRIDAY, Feb. 28, 2020 (HealthDay News) -- The first coronavirus-linked drug shortage in the United States has been reported by the Food and Drug Administration.

The agency said the maker of an unnamed drug that was recently added to the FDA Drug Shortages list blamed the problem on the novel coronavirus, CNN reported.

Specifically, the shortage is due to an issue with the production of an active pharmaceutical ingredient used in the drug, according to the company.

The FDA has warned that such shortages could occur and has identified 20 drugs that either get all their active pharmaceutical ingredients, or produce finished drug products, from or in China, which is where the coronavirus outbreak began, CNN reported.

China is a major source of drug ingredients, medical devices and drugs for the United States

The FDA says it's reminded 180 drug manufacturers that they're required to notify the agency if they anticipate any disruption to drug supplies, and it has asked companies to evaluate their supply chains in light of the coronavirus outbreak, CNN reported.

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