Baby Created With 3 People's DNA Born in Greece

A baby created with the DNA of three people was born in Greece earlier this week, doctors say.

The baby boy was born April 9 and weighed 6 pounds. Mother and child are said to be in good health.

The experimental and controversial IVF procedure used DNA from the 32-year-old mother, sperm from the father, and an egg from a donor woman, CNN reported.

The mother had undergone four unsuccessful cycles of IVF before trying this new technique, which was developed to help families with fatal mitochondrial diseases inherited from mothers.

The new IVF technique was developed in the U.K. and first used in Mexico 2016 to produce a baby for a family faced with the mitochondrial disease threat. It was also used in Ukraine in 2107 to produce a baby for a women with "unexplained infertility," CNN reported.

This most recent birth is part of a clinical trial that involves 24 other women. Eight embryos are ready to be implanted, according to the Institute of Life in Athens, Greece, which is working with the Spanish center Embryotools.

"We are very proud to announce an international innovation in assisted reproduction, and we are now in a position to make it possible for women with multiple IVF failures or rare mitochondrial genetic diseases to have a healthy child," Dr. Panagiotis Psathas, president of the Institute of Life, said in a statement, CNN reported.

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