Pilgrim's Pride Recalls 58,000 Pounds of Popcorn Chicken

About 58,000 pounds of popcorn-style chicken sold at Publix Super Markets has been recalled by Pilgrim's Pride after consumer complaints about rubber in the product.

This is the third major poultry producer in recent weeks to recall chicken possibly contaminated with materials such as rubber and wood, with a total of nearly 163,000 pounds of chicken recalled, CBS News reported.

Tyson Foods recalled 36,420 pounds of chicken nuggets possibly contaminated with rubber and other foreign material, and Perdue Foods recalled 68,244 pounds of chicken nuggets that might contain wood.

Foreign objects in food is a common reason for recalls, accounting for 10 of the last 50, or about 20 percent, in the United States in the last six months, Benjamin Chapman, a food safety expert, told CBS MoneyWatch.

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