Study That Targeted 'Joy of Cooking' Retracted by Journal

A study that targeted the "Joy of Cooking" has been retracted because of problems with the data, the journal Annals of Internal Medicine says.

The 2009 study claimed that recipes in updated editions of the cookbook were changed to have more calories and larger portions, the Associated Press reported.

The study analyzed the cookbook's recipes as part of an investigation into whether home cooking might be a factor in rising obesity rates.

The study co-author was Brian Wansink, who recently resigned from Cornell University after school officials said he engaged in academic misconduct, including misreporting of data, the AP reported.

Wansink's work has been widely cited and he has influenced U.S. dietary guidelines.

Several of Wansink's studies have been retracted since a blog post he wrote in 2016 led to questions about the validity of his work. Those studies include one that said people eat more when food is served in big bowls, and one that examined people's ability to estimate the calories in meals, the AP reported.

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