Selma Blair Reveals MS Diagnosis

Actress Selma Blair says she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in August.

The 46-year-old actress made the announcement in a selfie posted on her Instagram account Saturday, CBC News reported.

"I am in the thick of it but I hope to give some hope to others. And even to myself," wrote Blair, best known for her roles in films like "Legally Blonde" and "Cruel Intentions."

She plans to continue her work, starring in the upcoming Netflix series "Another Life," and writes: "I want to play with my son again. I want to walk down the street and ride my horse. I have MS and I am OK."

MS, a nervous system disease that can cause pain and numbness, loss of vision and motor functions, affects nearly one million people in the U.S. There is no cure, but treatment can help manage symptoms and slow its progression, CBS News reported.

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