Vitamins...Too Much Of A Good Thing?

Last Editorial Review: 10/24/2002

Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing!! We all know about Vitamins-at least we think we do. Vitamins are essential dietary components (in other words they are obtained from food sources) which the body needs in proper quantities for cell maintenance, function & growth.

Some Vitamins taken in excess can be harmful!! Vitamin A is an example of too much causing us harm!! Deficiency of this important chemical leads to Night Blindness, scaly-dry skin, abnormalities of smell and appetite, and dental problems.

However-too much causes Cirrhosis of the Liver, loss of bone mass & Osteoporosis, decrease in mental alertness, and abnormalities of the skin & hair and even Birth Defects.

Good Natural sources of Vitamin A include: vegetables or fruits that are orange or yellow, dark green, leafy vegetables like spinach, broccoli, and asparagus to name just a few.

Always check with your physician before taking Vitamins in large amounts; while some patients may "routinely" need supplementation (such as those with Inflammatory Bowel Disease), for others the results can be disastrous!!

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