Self-Lubricating Condom Might Increase Its Use

Researchers who developed a self-lubricating condom claim it could make people more likely to use this method of preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

The Boston University team created a water containing-compound that adheres to a condom, which stays dry until it comes in contact with moisture such as water or bodily fluids. The condom then becomes slippery and remains so for a long time, NBC News reported.

The research was published Tuesday in the journal Royal Society Open Science.

"Maybe this can have a chance to increase condom use and prevent the spread of HIV and other diseases," team leader Mark Grinstaff, a bioengineering professor, told NBC News.

The researchers had 33 people feel the condom -- they weren't allowed to put it to actual use -- and the feedback was generally positive.

"Those individuals who don't regularly use a condom because it is uncomfortable or because they don't like it say they would be likely to use a product like this," Grinstaff said.

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