Girl in Controversial Brain Death Case Dies

A mother who refused to accept doctors' opinions that her daughter was brain dead said the teen died on June 22 after surgery in New Jersey.

Nailah Winkfield said Thursday that her daughter Jahi McMath died from excessive bleeding and liver failure after surgery for an intestinal problem, the Associated Press reported.

In December 2013, doctors declared the then 13-year-old McMath dead after she suffered irreversible brain damage during surgery in California to remove her tonsils. A coroner signed a death certificate and several specialists agreed with the decision after they conducted brain tests on McMath.

However, Winkfield did not accept that her daughter was dead, saying her Christian beliefs compelled her to seek ongoing care for her daughter, and that toe wriggles and finger movements showed that her daughter was alive, the AP reported.

Winkfield transferred her daughter to New Jersey, a state that accommodates religions that don't recognize brain death. McMath was on life support since then.

The controversial case received national attention, the AP reported.

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