U.S. Soldier's New Ear Grown in Arm

A U.S. soldier who lost an ear in a car crash received a new ear that was "grown" in her arm, doctors say.

The team at William Beaumont Army Medical Center created the new ear for Pvt. Shamika Burrage, 21, by using cartilage from her rib cage. The cartilage was inserted beneath the skin on her arm so that it could grow new blood vessels, according to a U.S. Army article, Fox News reported.

Burrage is scheduled to have two more surgeries in what is believed to be the first such case in the military branch.

"(The ear) will have fresh arteries fresh veins and even a fresh nerve so she'll be able to feel it," said Lt. Col. Owen Johnson III, chief, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at WBAMC, Fox News reported.

Burrage didn't lose hearing in her damaged ear and doctors reopened the canal, which closed after the car crash, according to the army article.

Johnson said he and his team are hopeful that Burrage's new ear will end up looking and acting like the original one, Fox News reported.

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