Human Error to Blame for Loss of Frozen Eggs/Embryos, Fertility Center Says

Human error is to blame for the loss of thousands of frozen eggs and embryos at the University Hospitals Fertility Center, according to a letter of apology being sent to nearly 1,000 patients of the center.

Some of the frozen eggs and embryos had been stored for decades, NBC News reported.

In a draft letter, the center says a remote alarm system on the storage tank that failed should have alerted an employee to temperature swings, but it was turned off. The center said it does not know who turned off the alarm.

The letter also says it's unlikely that any of eggs and embryos that were stored in the tank are viable.

NBC News also said it discovered that the maker of the failed tank, Custom Biogenic Systems, has a history of storage tank malfunctions dating back almost 15 years.

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