Nonsmokers Favor Extra Vacation Days to Match Smoke Breaks

Many American workers who don't smoke feel they should get extra vacation days to match the time co-workers who smokers spend on smoke breaks, a new survey finds.

The poll of 1,005 adults revealed that among nonsmokers, 42 percent felt they should get 3-5 extra vacation days, 25 percent said 1-2 days was fair, and 14 percent said they deserved 6 or more days, USA Today reported.

Among smokers, more than 38 percent said nonsmokers didn't deserve any extra vacation days, 22 percent said nonsmokers should have extra vacation time, and 28 percent said nonsmokers should get 3-5 extra vacation days, according to the survey from electronic cigarette maker Halo.

While more than 81 percent of smokers felt that smoke breaks were fair, only 25 percent of nonsmokers agreed, USA Today reported.

Work smoke breaks lead to about 6 lost days of productivity a year for the average smoker, said Joe Mercurio, the project manager for the survey.

A company in Japan recently gave nonsmoking workers an extra six vacation days, USA Today reported.

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