New Studies Target Gene Therapy Against AIDS

New studies to test the use of gene therapy for HIV/AIDS are being launched.

To date, this approach has had little success, but researchers believe they can improve the treatment, the Associated Press reported.

Some of the new studies are being funded by the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Director Dr. Anthony Fauci doesn't think gene therapy for HIV/AIDS will become common, but believes it could help patients whose medication fails to control the virus and also has the potential to lead to a cure.

"They're very bold, innovative techniques, mostly to try and cure people," he told the AP. "It's worth trying because the science is there."

"Gene therapy techniques have advanced greatly," said Dr. Otto Yang of the UCLA AIDS Institute, one of the centers investigating gene therapy for HIV/AIDS, the AP reported. "A lot of people are thinking it's the right time to go back."

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