Baby Born With Heart Outside Body Recovering After Surgeries

A baby in the U.K. who was born with her heart outside her body is recovering after having three surgeries to put her heart inside her chest.

Fifty medical professionals delivered Vanellope Hope Wilkins, now three weeks old, at Glenfield Hospital in Leicester on November 22, CNN reported.

"I deal with babies with heart problems all the time, some of them very complicated," Dr. Frances Bu'Lock, consultant in pediatric cardiology at the hospital, said.

"This is only the second case in 30 years that I've seen this particular condition, it's extremely rare," said Bu'Lock, CNN reported.

The condition, called ectopia cordis, occurs in just under eight of one million live births. It is often accompanied by other problems and newborns with the condition have a less than 10 percent chance of survival.

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